Guest Blogging

As I’ve repeated many times, the importance of guest blogging is to advertise SpareFoot and storage. It is also important for SEO purposes. The more links a specific website or webpage has on the Internet, the higher the ranking it will have on Google. Bear in mind, some webpages utilize “black hat” practices when doing SEO. This is looked down upon and can actually hurt your ranking. An example of this is creating one page blogs specifically to link to their webpage. You may have encountered one of these blogs. Instead of offering quality material, it’s filled with spam linking to other webpages. Although it might help boost the search engine rankings at first, in the long run it will end up hurting it’s ranking when Google takes notice of this practice.

Guest blogging has helped me with so many skills that are important in business. I improved my pitching, business communications, and writing skills.

Anyway, by guest blogging on well established blogs can help increase the authority and ranking of certain webpages for SpareFoot. Here’s a sample of some of the guest blog posts I wrote. It’s also my way of saying thank you for those that let me post on their blog!

Real Estate Blogs
My first guest post- San Antonio Real Estate “Store Away Things to Unclutter Your Home
Chance Brown Real Estate “Using Storage When Moving
Briar Forest Lofts “Enjoy your Luxury Houston Loft…Clutter Free

Food Blogs
The Three Bite Rule- “Guest Blog: Veggie Rangoons
Chicago Foodie Girl- “The Austin Food Scene”

Mom Blogs
Oh So Savvy Mom- “Know these tips before you start your Spring Cleaning
Roscoe Ramblings- “Self-Storage Tips From SpareFoot


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