Job description

POSITION: SEO Marketing Analyst/Intern

SEO, an acronym for search engine optimization, is a job that analyzes the search engine rankings of a particular company and query. For example, when someone searches on Google “Austin storage units,” the goal of SEO is to place SpareFoot as the top result.

As an intern, I helped out in various projects that revolved around the marketing of the company. Ninety percent of the internship consisted of marketing and marketing analysis. Among them, I will be coming up with ideas on partnering with other companies, pitching ideas and partnerships through email and phone calls, contact various press outlets, bloggers, website owners to pitch stories and partnerships, writing and create content for press outlets, bloggers, and other websites, and filling out reports that tracks the progress the progress of my own efforts.

I have also focused on two major projects this semester. One of them was a competitive analysis consisting of examining and categorizing the promotions that competitors in the industry are using. With this, I reported my findings and pitched different ways for SpareFoot to promote themselves online. I also had a continuing project of guest-blogging on different blogs ranging from “Mom blogs,” real estate blogs, food blogs, and blogs related to social media marketing. This served as a dual purpose. One was to create more awareness of SpareFoot and storage. The other was to create links in different websites to increase the search engine ranking of SpareFoot.

My supervisor is Mr. Tony Emerson. I met with Mr. Emerson weekly every Monday at 12:30. Through these weekly meetings, mid-term and final evaluations, and quick instant messages through Gmail, I used the information he gave me to learn more about SEO Marketing and my work as an intern.


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