Working at SpareFoot this semester was challenging. Balancing eighteen hours of school, a twenty hour work week, and an almost 45 minute bus commute to and from work was hectic, but exhilarating. I’ve learned so much from working at SpareFoot, valuable knowledge that I will carry with me wherever I go. I am excited to say that I will be extending my internship until the summer (or possibly for even longer, who knows?). I’m excited to be tackling new projects and working for such an exciting company. Sadly, the commute is going to be longer (more than an hour!), but it is definitely worth it.

Below is a thank you email I sent my supervisor after our one-on-one. Suffice to say, I’m excited for him to be my mentor for this internship and for my college career.

Hello Mr. Emerson,

Thank you for meeting with me last Monday for my Career Mentor assignment for my Business Communication course. Sometimes, as a college student, it is easy to be confused over the path that I am taking and talking to a working professional like yourself can definitely relieve some of my stress. Being reminded that a major does not necessarily dictate your future career path, but rather opens up opportunities, was one of the things that stuck with me from our meeting as it offers me a new perspective in how I should handle college and post-grad.

I look forward for you to be not only my supervisor, but my mentor throughout my internship and in life.

Joseph Ver


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