Hi! My name is Joseph Ver and welcome to my portfolio for my internship. In January 23, I began working at this really cool tech start-up called SpareFoot. As a brief description, and my go-to pitch when explaining what SpareFoot is, SpareFoot helps customers find storage units near them. It’s like an, but for storage units! The neat thing is that storage is something that not many people think of until they need it, so it makes this service even more valuable.

As a quick introduction, I am a Digital Media Management and Marketing double major planning on graduating in 2014. Working in the career services office of my school helped encourage me to begin my internship search early. My interests range from social media as a tool for marketing, being a “faux-foodie,” and video games among many other things. I encourage you to go through my blog as well, although I must admit that I haven’t been keeping up with it lately.

I decided to embed my portfolio into my personal WordPress blog because it would be really great to compile portfolios for my different internships in my own blog as a quick reference. It also fits the theme of my internship, as I’ve been doing a lot of blogging as part of my internship, so I hope you appreciate the blog-like feel of this portfolio. (A fun fact: WordPress and other blogging platforms might be a better option for your online portfolio compared to Wix! Wix is Flash-based making it unfriendly to search engine optimization.)

WHERE: SpareFoot, Inc.
DATES: January 23-August 15 2012
SUPERVISOR: Tony Emerson
POSITION: SEO Marketing Intern

This portfolio consists of different documents describing this semester at SpareFoot. To navigate, the link that says “SpareFoot Internship Portfolio” has a drop-down menu. There will also be links right below.

Competitive Analysis
On-page Optimization
Guest Blogging


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