This one is for the boys with the booming systems. Top down, AC with the cooling system. This is my “eclectic lists” of my top five albums and top ten songs of 2013. I want to preface this by saying that I honestly didn’t really listen to that much new music in 2013 until the last half of the year. I feel like the first quarter of this year was me obsessing about going to Japan. Then I got a car and until about August I was blasting a lot of B-52’s everywhere I drove. I’m no music critic so I haven’t heard everything that there is to hear. There’s also a lot of albums that I’ve had on backlog and I just forget to check it out. These are the albums that I just like, so take this list with a grain of salt I suppose.

Honorable Mention: Mug Museum- Cate Le Bon

mug museum

I wanted to give Cate Le Bon a shout out because I loved loved loved her first album and just forgot about her since then. I decided to look her up a couple weeks ago and I really dig her new music. I just haven’t listened to it enough to grant it a spot on my top five. BUT she deserves this (probably undeserved) honorable mention because this album cover is just way to good to ignore. Wait for my “professional” website to be inspired by this album cover coming to you soon.

LIMA // FIVE : Nanda Collection- Kyary Pamyu Pamyu


I struggled with my number five for silly reasons, but I guess that’s what makes lists interesting because they’re never objective lists but always subjective and there are more factors that determine a list than “good/great/fantastic music.” Anyway, without going into that, my number five is Nanda Collection by Kyary (Pamyu Pamyu). You get everything that you expect from this album and that’s what I really love about it! Also, it reminds me a lot of the Katamari Damacy soundtrack and that really helped me get through finals week Spring 2013 (Strategic Management? Ooh, boy), but since that wasn’t released in 2013, Nanda Collection can serve both as my number five and a shout out to that soundtrack. You probably won’t like this album and you’ll probably think it’s obnoxious and annoying and that’s fine, but just remember to have fun sometimes, okay?

APAT // FOUR : Night Time, My Time- Sky Ferreira


Sorry for the potential nsfw, but the album cover itself is just too good. I never realized how repetitive this album was until my roommate and I talked about it. That diminishes none of my love for this album. It’s fun, it’s catchy, and it’s just really good. It’s hard for me to go deeper than that without sounding like I’m back in high school or freshman year of college. The only problem is that when I listen to this album at work, I want to get up and start dancing and that would be a problem now would it (no).

TATLO // THREE : The Bones of What You Believe- CHVRCHES


This album brings me back to something. I can’t put my finger on it, but it brings me back to a certain place or time. I’m not sure if it’s music related or just a distant memory. Whatever. This album is a lot of fun and really good music to listen to on a drive to and from San Antonio. The lyrics may not be the best, but the music is fascinating and just makes me want to gutter my speech. It’s definitely catchy and not a surprise to me that I would like it so much.

DALAWA // TWO : Like a Stranger- Kitten

like a stranger

Watching Kitten live without any prior knowledge of them was interesting. The lead singer was crazy, but a lot of fun. Honestly, I just wanted to grab the other girl’s tambourine, jump on stage, and start swinging around on the chains on stage. When I listened to the album, I was shocked. It wasn’t as crazy as their show was and a lot more mellow. Chloe has such a great voice and there’s something nostalgic about her. I feel a lot of girl power in this album as it is strong, powerful, and confident and I am all for it. Someone get drunk and dance awkwardly to this album with me.

Also, I’ll Be Your Girl is one of my favorite songs of 2013 just saying.

ISA // ONE : The Electric Lady- Janelle Monae


When Q.U.E.E.N. came out, I died and played it about a good 100 times. I was so excited for Janelle Monae’s new album until.. I forgot about it. I think I was caught up with listening to The B-52’s. When I finally got around to listening to it, I fell in love in love in love. And then I listened to it again and I fell in love again. I’m just really into the whole concept that Janelle Monae is going for with the ArchAndroid series and her metaphors on the new other and the existing other and argh. I would love to go deeper into this, but this entire blog post is already inane so I’m just going to stop there. With a mixture of a dancing during the apocalypse urgency and sit down and contemplate your love with one another jazziness, there’s just a perfect balance of beautiful tunes throughout the entire album. I’m excited to see what Suites VI and VII hold. The Electric Lady is my top album of the year because it transcends music and speaks to me on various planes of life and reality. Janelle Monae is telling multiple stories far separated from me, but also stories that are for me as well. Maybe not entirely, but you know. We all have stories to share and The Electric Lady are stories that Janelle Monae wants to share with us.

Um, yeah. Those are my top five albums of 2013. I suggest you all listen to these albums, question my taste in music, and then listen to a lot of The B-52’s for me. It’s been a really strange year for various reasons, but it’s also been awesome and I think my top five albums reflects this as well? I don’t even know what I’m saying now. I’m going to make another post of my top ten songs of 2013 later, but I hope this was interesting? Ha.


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