10 x 12

Yesterday, I posted my top five albums of 2013 so here are my top ten tracks of 2013.

Except it’s actually twelve tracks. You’ll find out why soon.

Honorable Mention: Not a Stranger- The Hush Sound

I’m going to try to keep my explanations short and sweet. An honorable mention goes out to my favorite band, The Hush Sound. This is a shout out for three new songs this year, reuniting, touring, and just being awesome as hell. It’s also cool when someone you’ve admired for years remembers you as potatopig911.. Anyway, I love this song and this is more than an honorable mention, this is a love letter to my favorite band (I love you).

Ten: You’ve Got Time- Regina Spektor

Orange is the New Black (and Arrested Development for that matter) made up a lot of my summer (and The B-52’s [take a shot] and Japanese students) and the theme song is just awesome. I’ve been disappointed with Regina’s recent releases, so I hope this is a sign of good things to come.

Nine: Madonna of the Wasps- Neko Case

My favorite track off of THEWORSETHINGSGETTHEHARDERIFIGHTTHEHARDERIFIGHTTHEMOREILOVEYOU (god I love that album title). It grabs you in with a strange twang noise and leads you into a love song. Neko Case, marry me.

Eight: Science/Visions- CHVRCHES

(I I can can hear hear you you breeeeeeathing) I’m scared that their next album will be a mess, so I’m praying that I’m wrong.

Seven: Birth in Reverse- St. Vincent

I need this album right now. I need Annie Clark to take me to Mars.

Six: Sing Like a Wire- Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells’ new album is alright, but this song is everything. It makes me want to yell at my friends because it reminds me a lot of Mario Party.

Five: We Were Rock and Roll- Janelle Monae

The entire album is amazing, but this song is pure liquid sex.

Four: Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay)- Sky Ferreira

Hello high school angst. Sophomore year Joseph would have totally blasted out to this song and I guess that’s what I appreciate the most about it?

Three: Sacrilege- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The music video is amazing. The ending choir chant is too good. It was everything I wanted to hear at the time I first heard it. Reminds me of Japan?

Two: I’ll Be Your Girl- Kitten

Just listen to it, I think you’ll understand why this is number two.

One: Nuclear Seasons/Superlove- Charli XCX

I feel like these two songs are different sides of the same coin. Nuclear Seasons is a mellow chill summer song whereas Superlove is an upbeat winter song (at least it is to me because of when I heard both songs). It just seems fitting that these two songs are my top songs of 2013 because they’re both awesome and fun but also really similar in a strange way. I feel like this past semester was just a big nuclear season and I guess I survived? I don’t know what I’m saying. Let’s dance to both of these songs in repeat, okay?

In summation, if you can vogue with me to these songs we are instafriends and I hope you have a great New Years day. I’ll be in my apartment scarfing down twelve grapes at midnight.


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