Maybe it’s because I just finished my last fall semester of undergrad, or maybe it’s because I revisit these videos at least three-four times a year, but I feel like it’s time to actually compile some of the videos I made my senior year of high school into one place. These aren’t all of them and it’s not high cinematic quality, but I had a lot of fun making these and I think I made a few people laugh with them. Most of these videos were a collaboration with my friends Jovvi and Kim. I’ll put notes on the videos other people worked on.

I also worked with my friend Kelly on this with Kim and Jovvi. Word of the Week was a video announcement segment where we took a “big” (haha) word and defined it via a narrative video. The word of the week was inexorable.

This was made to address the cheating in our school. A poorly made parody of Cheaters, we had so much fun making this. Plus “It’s a recipe for bread” is probably a good way to define my high school career.

The following videos are from my group’s (Me, Jovvi, and Kim) original segment “Words of Wisdom with Eraka.” It stars both Eraka and Jovvi. Eraka pops out of nowhere to right school violations. If you can’t understand her, Jovvi is there to help translate. The first two videos actually garnered controversy from a counselor I worked for, so the third video is a bit different. You’ll definitely notice a difference.

Again, very proud of these videos because they’re just really funny? Maybe they’re just funny to me? Oh well.

PDA Words of Wisdom October 30, 2009 from Joseph Ver on Vimeo.

Words of Wisdom- Flash Mob Dance from Joseph Ver on Vimeo.

This last video was actually shown during my Senior Banquet, just a little final get together for all of the people in my graduating class. We had planned to do this, but weren’t really sure how to execute it. It came together pretty nicely. I shot the video (yeah, we brought a camera to dance in a zoo) and did the editing at first. Kris took over and made (much better) edits. This was pretty cute.

Although I wasn’t the best, I definitely miss video editing. It’s a lot of fun and it’s like putting together a puzzle. Anyway, that’s that.


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