Quick and dirty playlist

Per my last blog post, I’m really excited to get started on my idea for my video game music/soundtrack show for Topper Radio. I’m currently working out the logistics (songs for my first show, time my show will actually play, when my first show will go live, working with a friend on timing, etc.), but for the time being I just wanted to share some of my favorite songs from video games. These five songs will probably make an appearance on my first show, but there’s really no rhyme or reason (one of the funnier cliches I’ve heard said this past week) for them being chosen other than the fact that I really like them.

Lonely Rolling Star- Katamari Damacy

Just a really cute and albeit strange love song? Katamari Damacy (at least the first one) has one of my favorite video game soundtracks ever. It just makes me want to eat a lot of gummy candies and, uh, take over the world.

Waltz for the Moon- Final Fantasy VIII

I know that there’s an actual version of the song that’s longer than the two minutes this video had to offer, but this scene is just one of my favorite video game scenes ever. FFVIII just has a lot of history with me with memories of watching my brother play it (and later the rest of my family), being one of the first PS1 games we ever had, and making seven/eight year old me question the ambiguities of good and evil. Ugh, I just love Rinoa.

Gerudo Valley Theme- The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

From the first video game I ever owned as a child, the theme song to Gerudo Valley just made me want to explore the vast deserts of the world (until I realized that I could die from dehydration or something).

Godot’s Theme: “The Fragrance of Dark Coffee”- Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations

This song’s jazz version has become quite popular on the Internet when set to the noise of rain and a fireplace crackling. I decided to stick with the original version because it just makes more sense. It brings back personal memories of scrapping up money just to buy used versions of the Ace Attorney series the summer before my junior year of High School.

Reach Out to the Truth- Persona 4

The latter of the Persona series (3 and 4) just have really fun j-rock music for the battle theme that seems really cool at first, and then it gets really annoying! BUT THEN, you play a couple more hours and you realize that you can’t really live without it. It doesn’t make sense to go into battle without this song blaring in the back.


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