When I stepped out of Fukuoka airport into the fresh Japanese air, I realized that for the very first time in my life I was finally in another country that wasn’t the Philippines or a three-hour excursion to Mexico. I instantly felt better from that god-awful flight over. Right now it’s 0823 hours and I am in Beppu, Japan for spring break.

I haven’t really done much right now, so I’ll complain, for the last time, about the flight. Going to San Francisco wasn’t that big of a deal. We ate some “Mexican food” at SFO (I’ve had better across the street of my apartment for half the price) and flew eleven hours to Tokyo. It wasn’t that bad! It was long for sure, but it wasn’t that bad. I watched Pitch Perfect and Skyfall and played some video games. The last hour though, took turbulence to a different level. Just thinking about it now makes me feel a bit on the edge. For breakfast, they served this omelet thing with some sausage. I already wasn’t feeling well by that time, so I just ate that sausage. During the last hour when we were descending felt like The Rattler, from Fiesta Texas, with bad mechanical problems. I just put my head down and kept breathing. I think with the fatigue, dehydration, and stress, I was ready to utilize the barf bag. I didn’t want to embarrass myself next to the Japanese guys I was sitting next to, so I resisted. When we got off, Mai encouraged me to drink some Pocari Sweat to rehydrate myself and it made me feel better. But honestly, I didn’t want to think about food for the rest of the night. That sausage still haunts me after twelve hours of it.

Anyway, time to visit the campus and some hot springs. Hopefully I won’t be a sick boy anymore.

I’m not going to edit this because I need to get ready. cya l9r


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