My Neighbor Sniper.

Instead of studying for finals, which I promise to do tomorrow, my friend Nicole came to visit. We went to this really nice French restaurant called La Patisserie where we ate wonderful croissants (I would recommend the savory croissant. It has cream cheese and rosemary inside!) and talked about Christmas. We then went to Toy Joy and met up with my other friend Dylan.

Later on that night, Dylan, Nicole, and I decided to walk down this sort of shady area near my school to find food. We were either going to this really delicious Mexican restaurant (Curra’s Grill), Subway, or just some pizza on South Congress. As we were walking, we noticed this really fluffy cat lurking the dark street. We all decided to pet it, as it was very welcoming and friendly while it laid on its back and scratched its back on the concrete. Cute cat, cute tail. Sidenote: I really love squeezing the tails of cats while they are walking away.

Anyway, I joked that the cat would follow us. Strangely enough, it did. Whenever we would try to approach the cat to pet it, it would either let us pet (as we later found out) her or run away. It would always follow us whenever we would ignore her. As we reached a certain part of the street, two hip kids came up to the cat and told her to follow them. It was apparently their cat. Her name was Sniper. When she would not follow, they let her be, telling us that she would come back home and she was just doing her business. The problem was that she wouldn’t stop following us. Even when we were far away, I could still see her white legs in the dark or hear the jingling of her tag.

So we ended up crossing a traffic light in a street that has moderate traffic at seven in the evening. Sniper continued to follow us! She even crossed the street with us. We continued to walk as we began to worry. We neared a gas station when a woman scooped her up. Nicole decided to talk to the woman and just explain to her that she was following us. We all decided to call the number on Sniper’s tag so that we could drop her off and go eat. No one answered. So we told the lady that we would grab some food and we would just carry Sniper with us and bring her back to East Street.

Nicole and Dylan ended up carrying Sniper (I’m no good at holding cats) and at a certain point, Sniper leaped out of someone’s arms and into construction. She would stand near traffic, apparently contemplating whether or not she should cross the street. I suggested we “ignore” her, hoping that she would follow. Instead, she traipsed into different dirt trucks and construction vehicles. We had to follow and corner her so we could snatch her up and stick her inside Nicole’s sweater to go to Subway. We met some nice guys at Subway that allowed Sniper to stay in Nicole’s sweater, bought our sandwiches, and went our merry way. We met some other people at that nice Mexican restaurant where we told our fateful tale as they pet pet petted Sniper.

We got sandwiches, left, and brought Sniper back to East Street. Nicole let her go into the streets, but it did not stop her from following us. As we neared the end of the street and towards Saint Edward’s, the jingling of Sniper’s bell faded away as she returned home.


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