And if there’s something you’d like to try, ask me I won’t say no how could I?

Probably my longest title for a post yet! I was inspired by lyrics from a Smiths song that I suppose I’ve loved since my sophomore year of high school. Anyway, it ties along with my food adventures. I’m going to go ahead and make this post quickly as it is almost one in the morning and I should finish my accounting homework soon.

I made spaghetti carbonara a few weeks ago. It was a really interesting experiment and it came out to a success. That being said, the sauce wasn’t as creamy as it could have been and the eggs got a little scrambled. Not really what you’re looking for in a spaghetti carbonara, but then again I have never had it before so forgive me food gods!!

I played with a recipe that combines a Martha Stewart recipe and an All Recipes recipe. What’s really nice about the website All Recipes is that you can read reviews written by people that have made the food and see what they have done to improve the recipe. It’s a really nice observation on social networking and recipe swapping. Anyway, pictures!

The presentation isn’t perfect. Heck, the whole thing was far from perfect, but I’m continuing my relentless curiosity with food. I also don’t want to neglect this blog.

In other food news, I finally got to try Ms. P’s Electric Cock and La Boite in separate days. I really do love the food scene in Austin, even though I’m using two food trailers to define my food scene. Give a college kid a break, I need a well paying job before I can afford eating at Uchi! I need to start bringing a point and shoot or something whenever I go on food excursions.


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