On Twitter.

Now I’ve stated on my blog how I’m interested in social networking as a marketing tool. I’ve told this story countless times, in interviews really, and I will say it again in this blog. I remember when I first got a twitter, I was inspired by Youtube sensation happyslip. I believe I was on her homepage and I saw a link to this new twitter thing going on. The fifteen-year old me quickly jumped on the bandwagon, and thus began my twitter journey.

I apologize if that last paragraph was poorly written. I’m currently thinking of all of the homework I need to do, but I really wanted to make a post on here because I haven’t made one in so long. Back to my story. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but it was an interesting thing to have. That was back when twitter was considered more as a micro-blogging platform than anything. When I would try to describe twitter to people, I would mostly receive negative remarks telling me that it sounded stupid. Okay whatever, I thought. I kept it, I still have it and now it’s a really big deal. Celebrities use it to connect with their fans, companies use it to connect with customers, and world leaders use it to connect with their people. It’s amazing to see how it has evolved in the three+ years I’ve been using it. As November ends, my four year anniversary with this website will draw near. It’s so strange to think that it’s been so long.

The point of this post on twitter is another story about seeing my favorite, not broken up, band for free thanks to twitter! A few months ago, I found out that the Mates of State were going on tour. Sadly, they would play at Fun Fun Fun Fest for their stop in Austin. I’m not too fond of music festivals, crowds, and paying a ridiculous amount of money for the first two things. There was no way I was going to pay 55 dollars to see them when I saw them last year for free at my school’s 125th anniversary, and I would rather give them 55 dollars of my own money than a wristband. A few weeks ago, I found out that they were playing a free aftershow at The Parish on Sixth Street. I got really excited until I realized that you needed a wristband to enter the show. Disappointed, I decided to take my chances and ask MoS if they could get me in for free without a wristband. Well..

After distress and fear of being socially awkward when the time came to say, “Ahem, I’m on the guest list~” I confirmed with Jason that I would be attending the show.

It’s amazing how strange technology changes things. There is a lot of criticism on where everything is headed, but at the end of the day, it’s heading somewhere and it’s fascinating to see where it’s going. That last statement sounded a lot more profound in my head, I apologize, but I’ll just leave it there. The show was so much fun! I didn’t get the greatest spot to stand, meaning I wasn’t able to get hit by confetti, but just seeing them once more was a lovely experience.

Sorry for the very lackluster photos and my laziness to rotate one of the images. The angle was really bad and the first and last pictures look so identical, so sad. The ISO was set really high, so I guess that’s why it looks really grainy. (/photographer dilettante)

It’s really interesting to see how twitter is used. I’ve had mine for almost four years, and I still have the same avatar. What do you use twitter for? Have you ever gotten anything useful from using twitter? Or do you hate twitter? Let me know!


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