Super super excited!!

People outside of my window are being really loud. They are three floors underneath my apartment and they are honking their horns and screaming at each other. It’s annoying, yes, but I’m going to be seeing one of my favorite bands in a couple of hours. So in celebration of seeing them, here’s a lovely link to their new music video. They played for my school’s 125th Anniversary last year and it was so wonderful.

There’s a small chance that I won’t be able to get in because of dumb logistical reasons on my end, so my back up plan is to get food at this food trailer called East Side King. I’ve always wanted to eat there after Molly has drilled me on the wonderfulness of Chicken Karaage (they have it). Also, one of the chefs who is for sure going to be on this season actually started it up!

I have strange simple pleasures in my life that I must apologize for.


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