The World is My Runway~

I found this gem of a post secret on, duh,

Maybe it’s my sad sad obsession with America’s Next Top Model, but I feel like I’m always walking a runway wherever I go. I know that a five foot three college student could never be a model, but one can have dreams, right? Speaking of which, Top Model and Top Chef are on tonight and I am too excited for my own good.

I’m sitting here at work, eating oatmeal that I got from the coffee shop, and slightly miffed that they added too much water thus making my instant oatmeal watery. I have a test for my Macroeconomics class that I should be studying for.

November remains as my favorite month of the year. It has my favorite holiday and my birthday all wrapped up in a little thirty-day month. I also love the crispy weather Texas has on this month. Granted, we don’t really get to experience all Fall has to offer, but it’s still really nice. It’s also the perfect weather to pretend that, wherever you are, you are on a runway.

What’s your favorite month or favorite season? Are you excited for any reality shows today? I’m going to be making lasagna and garlic bread tonight with my friends for Top Chef: Texas festivities. I have to admit that it is frozen Stouffer’s lasagna and frozen HEB garlic bread, but it’s the pleasure that counts.

Oh! Before I forget, I am currently obsessed with this song right now


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