No no gnocchi.

There was a Top Chef: All Stars marathon this past Saturday and I remembered a recipe I had for gnocchi. It was the episode where the top nine had to cook for the family that owns Rao’s. After my failed attempt at making gnocchi, much less boiling potatoes, I decided to retry this recipe.

So I boiled some potatoes correctly, for once, and I mashed them up real nicely.

I apologize for the shadow/bad photo taking. Anyway, with the potatoes all mashed and wormy, I added the flour and eggs and kneaded the dough. I then made ridges like so:

I decided to fry some of the non-ridgy gnocchi in some butter and garlic powder. It was okay, I suppose.

I really wanted to make something substantial and healthy, so I decided to make a makeshift soup. I had some asparagus and broccoli, so I chopped them up and seasoned it with oregano, dried parsley, salt and pepper. I went ahead and sauteed that with some more butter.

I added some canned tomatoes and tomato sauce. I wanted to make this soup type thing until I realized it wasn’t watery enough, so I guess I really don’t know what I made? I boiled some gnocchi as I let it simmer.

Added some mozzarella cheese, sprinkled it with some fresh-ish parmesan and I came out with this mess.

I probably made the gnocchi wrong because it tasted and felt strange, but maybe I just never had good gnocchi (or any gnocchi at all). Surprisingly, this was really good. I think all of the oregano I put in made a really nice difference.

Have you ever tried experimenting with food before? If so, what have you tried making? Do you have any recipes to suggest for me to make? It’s really difficult to make all the foods I want to make because of the limited budget and the fact that I don’t have all of the kitchen tools that I would like. I would love to have the Top Chef cooking book because, uh I love Top Chef too much, and I would like to see what I could do. For now, I guess I can stick to my experimental cooking and baking.


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