Six Sigma.

In statistics today, we learned about the concept of Six Sigma. I actually thought it was called Sigma Six, so when I looked it up on wikipedia, I landed on a page about GI Joe and that was the worst. I’m not going to lie, I use wikipedia to get quick information. I know that it’s left to be desired, but it’s a really nice tool just to gain some information really quickly. I suppose that’s a good way to sum up this generation.

ANYWAY, the concept of Six Sigma finds its origins from Motorola apparently. According to my professor, Motorola set a standard of production for themselves that they dub “Six Sigma.” This means that the quality of the item in production must fall between six standard deviations to and from the mean. Something like that. According to wikipedia, this means that, at most, there can only be 3.4 defects for every million produced. Waow. I was reading the controversies, of course on wiki, and understand the criticisms and how not every industry needs Six Sigma, or it’s unrealistic. That being said, there is something just really fascinating about holding yourself to a certain standard. Granted, Six Sigma is a principle used in multi-million/billion dollar companies, but it is possibly something that I should try applying to myself. I have been letting myself go in terms of discipline and maybe it’s time to fine tune myself and bring myself to some better standard.

This semester has been so bizarre because I’ve just become so indifferent towards some of my classes. I believe it’s a combination of my lack of passion for the classes and my inability to get myself to study as much as possible. I need to regain that passion for my classes. I may be getting B’s in two of my classes and it really makes me angry. I need to do better than that. I can do better than that. I need to reign myself in, so I can make a 4.0 this semester. This probably has nothing to do with the concept of Six Sigma, but it’s just something that I have been thinking of all today.

On a side note, I really really wish that the judges didn’t let Anya into the finale. She’s going to win, I bet.


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