A flimsy title for the first post on my new blog. The title is fitting because this is my attempt to graduate from my tumblr to a full fledged blog. The word fledged reminds me of this book that I read when I was in.. fourth grade, I believe? It was called The Fledgling. Anyway, this is my little graduation from tumblr.

Every time I talk to my career counselor, she always suggests that I should start a blog if I don’t already have one. I can’t really call my tumblr a blog at all. It can be considered one, but the temptation to reblog awful, funny and awfully funny pictures and memes does not a blog make. Although I won’t be straying from my tumblr as I keep up with my friends through there, I definitely will make posting here a priority.

I also need to improve my writing. I also want to learn Chinese, but that’s a different story.

I will be posting many things here. What I really want to get into is my observations on social media and reality television. I believe that the two things, from an intellectual point of view, are seen as mind-numbing.. things, for lack of a better word, that is the catalyst of the degeneration of our generation. I understand that, but I find such a fascination in it. I really would love to do in-depth research on reality television. I don’t know. I guess I’m just so ~bizarre~ Anyway, tune in for blog posts regarding that. Also, I will be posting my cooking/baking hobbies and food critiques. Oh, and just other things of my life.


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